Serving clients throughout 
the United States and 
around the world by
Internet Counseling Services

During the last few years, through counseling sessions on the Internet we provided our clients with a broader choice for meeting their personal needs. The Internet Video Counseling Sessions are a very productive source for healing and insight as they are a convenient and comfortable way to analyze problems and find suitable solutions.
We researched the various programs and determined that the ones that provide a secure and easy method for those who desired to use their computer as a network for counseling and therapy. 

We have used the new system and the following were some of the client comments:
  •  It is easier to do the work from the comfort of my home in a face-to-face session.
  • The hassle of commute often detracted from the insight I received in my session.
  • My schedule is complicated and I am now able to keep sessions, no matter where my company sends me.
  • My wife and I found the Internet sessions a focal point for the next several days.


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