Friday, January 25, 2019


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The longer we are in our journey the more obvious it becomes that life is truly a series of choices. As  human beings, we are where we are today because of choices we have made along the way in our journey

Obviously, many things may happen to us along our journey, which have an impact on us we didn't choose. An abusive childhood, financial setbacks, painful relationships and other areas may take place, which we did not choose, but then we have a choice as to how we will move forward from these obstacles and correct our journey positively. That choice is the choice which impacts our life the most.

A general impact on choices may come from the following thoughts:

  • I am what I have 
  • I am what I do
  • I am what others think of me

If these thoughts are a filter of understanding in our life, then we will make choices based on these dictates:

If I am what I have, then my possessions dictate my worth and I will make choices to have more so my worth will always be great. But I will never have enough, because possessions never bring fulfillment, there is always something more.

If I am what I do, then I must succeed in my occupation or talent so others will see my worth. Again, my choices in life will be guided by this dictate, but when will I ever be able to do enough to make life a success. Someone will always be doing better.

If I am what others think of me, then my choices will always be to make everyone happy, which, in all reality, will never happen. Thus my choices will lead to lack of self worth.

So what is the key to a journey of life which does bring fulfillment? I am what I choose to be.

I have to define who I am and how I want my journey to materialize, not based on possessions, position or popularity, but based on inner peace. 

This is not a user friendly world for the journey of life, but if I take responsibility for my journey being guided by my thoughts, then I will not be a victim of life, rather I will be in control of my journey and at peace with the direction I am steering it.

If I am unfulfilled in my journey, then I can make choices to change directions. I am not stuck in my unfulfilled place, I can always make the choice to change.

If I am unhappy in relationships, then I can make choices to either accept the relationship and find areas of good in it or I can make a choice to leave the relationships. 

If my health or age is making my life difficult, then I can make a choice to find things which bring a better sense of happiness and fulfillment. There is always something I can find to bring me greater peace.

If I don't take responsibility for my choices, then I will choose to be a victim of circumstances in my life and I will be stuck in my journey. 

If fear controls our life, then we will make choices to be in places which are difficult and we will define our journey from a victim understanding.

We have all been given free will to make choices. Make a choice today to make positive choices in order to enjoy the remainder of our journey.

Over the last years, as a couple and as practicing therapists, we watched our journey take many different detours and adjustments, but as a couple we have tenaciously held on to our journey plan of loving each other and making the best of what we experienced.

The new book is a compilation of some thoughts and exercises from our journey, which we anticipate may help others as a roadmap or a GPS to keep them on course in order to reach their destinations.

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  1. This is a great topic. I have been focusing lately on I am who God sees me as. It has helped me to recognize my strengths and the gifts that God has blessed me with and has allowed me to strengthen those qualities even more.

  2. Thank you Dr. Twerell. I ordered my copy and can't wait for its arrival. Working with you as made a huge positive impact in my life. I'm learning to enjoy this journey, work in partnership "with" the Lord and consciously challenge my thoughts. This book will be the icing. Looking forward to it.


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