Tuesday, September 25, 2018

What is a good relationship?

One of our readers asked us to explain what constitutes a “good relationship”. In our blog Significant, Respected, Prioritized (Click here to read)we went over the core of a good relationship and those points still remain the key components to long term success. If a relationship provides a place where each partner feels respected, significant and prioritized then there will be a harmony and safety for growth.

But what is a good foundation for a relationship? The key word is “foundation” as it must provide:
 1. A place of stability.
 2. A place that is flexible and growing.

In a construction site, this type of foundation would seem impossible, however, in zones with high earthquake potential, foundations are built that are sturdy and yet have the ability to withstand the movement of the earth without breaking.This is what a good relationship needs as a foundation.

The structure for stability is the importance of “significance, priority, and respect". This sets the tone for providing a safe place for the relationship to grow.

Nevertheless, unless there is flexibility, the relationship will die. Think of having a baby and how exciting those first few days are with a new born. What would happen if we left the baby in a room all alone and then went back in five years to visit it? The baby would die.

Relationships are the same as the baby. Who we are when we start a relationship will change as we mature and grow. Think what you were like ten years ago and what you are like today. Hopefully, you have changed in several areas, for evolving is the essence of life. This is true in relationships as it is always a reflection of those involved.

Keep an active visitation into the relationship:
• Who are we today?
• What do we believe about life today?
• What do we expect about each other today?
• What are we expecting about tomorrow?

Don’t neglect visiting the relationship together. It is changing and you need to be aware of what is going on. If you don’t visit it, it will die.

Do you have thoughts on relationships and romance? Please share them with us and with each other by filling out the comments section below.

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